Nanette Rasband Hilton

More about Nanette

As a hipster rhetorologist, my mission is to communicate across time, place, and people for greater understanding and happiness. My work involves creative, scholarly, and pedagogical efforts to achieve radical empathy.


In the Classroom & in my Study

As a teacher of English Literature and Writing, my students are central to every lesson plan. I guide them to find connections between the course material & their lives. The classroom is where my research “hits the road.” 

In my study, I  look at texts and their rhetorical meaning–what is the author’s persuasive project and how does she go about it? I am especially interested in early American texts because of the manner in which they work to shape a national identity–a complicated and conflicted identity with which we still grapple. I work to understand the past with implications for the present. These implications may guide us to new ways of thinking, collaborating, and understanding.  

Writing Portfolio

Because of my wide experience and interests, I am able to  write passionately & intelligently on many subjects while capturing my readers’ attention & moving them to action.

Illustration Portfolio

I hope that my illustrations express a value or feeling that may in some way bring laughter, love, and harmony to our hectic world.

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