Sample Publications



 Segullah Literary Journal, April 2016, “WILD”

MRV: The Buzz. Sample Articles: “Scaling The Rocks,“Garden of One Thousand Buddhas”, “Dates In The Big Outdoors: Dads With Daughters”

 American Randonneur, “Cycletherapy,” Winter 2016; “Interbike Hot Tickets,” Spring 2017*;

The Decorative Painter, “Magnolia Swan” Issue 1, 2017*; “FUNdamentals” series of articles Issues 1 of 2016 and continuing for 2017*:“Painting Pantry”; “Prep Prowess”; “A Stroke of Luck”; “Fairy Godmother,” Issue 3, 2015; “Grand Canyon Sunrise” 2009; “Designing Delight, Six-Part Series,” Issue 6 of 2004, 2,3,4,& 6 of 2005 and 1 of 2006; “Memory Keep- er, Scrapbook Binder,” Jan./Feb. 2005, Issue 1; “Bunny In An Enchanted Garden,” Issue 3, 1993;

Ensign, “Questions and Answers,” June 2009

Tole World, “Lilies For Kayla,” Feb. 2006; “Heart of Spring,” May/June 2005; “Dragon Dreams,” Aug 2004; “The First Gift of Christmas,” Dec. 1999; “Travel In Style,” Aug 1999; “Learning Through Art,” Aug 1995; “Creativity,” Feb 1994; “Brush Burn-Out,” Jan/Feb 1993.

The Best of Decorative Painting, Northlight Books, “Paint Your Own Rainbow,” 1998.

Decorative Woodcrafts, “In Search of the Magic Brush,” 1993.

CraftWorks, “Wish Dish,” April 1993.

PaintWorks, “Daisies Flower Box,” Aug 1993.

Artist’s Journal, “Special Delivery,” Winter 1993.

Creative Painting, “Quail Desk Set” May/June 1992

* under contract



Over The Rainbow, 1997 Eas’l

Paint Your Own Rainbow, 1997 Eas’l

Make Another Wish, 1995 Darrow 

Make A Wish, 1994 Darrow

A Kindred Spirit, 1992 Viking

Lil’ Love Chunks, combined artists 1991 Provo Craft

The Big Book of Cookie Jars, combined artists 1991 Provo Craft

The Big Book of Cookie Jars, Vol. II, combined artists 1991 Provo Craft